The easy answer is yes, but the greater answer is that ultimately we have to entrust our people to Jesus. Having said that, there are a few things to consider about the Colorado School of Worship that can bring some peace of mind.


Blake Bush, our lead director, had been pastoring in the local church for almost thirty years. For fourteen of those years, he was the senior pastor of Third Day Church in Fort Collins, Co. He understands the role of a lead pastor and the dynamics of leading a local church. He has a deep conviction about honoring your role and supporting your work. Having also been a worship pastor he understands what it is like to follow and serve a house. His unique experience shapes the school and students will hear and see the support we have for you.


We have a charismatic theology based in our evangelical heritage with a deep respect for all churches that belong to Jesus. So many things in the charismatic wing of the church have been questionable and even in error. At the same time, this tradition brings us a lot when it comes to passionate Spirit-filled worship. We want to bring the good and leave the not-so-good behind. We want to help your church be the best it can be and not try to make everyone fit a particular tradition. We don't apologize for who we are. We also don't apologize for who you are! 


We stick to the supremacy of scripture and sufficiency of Christ to save, and keep our teachings to worship and prayer. Although there is disagreement even within this narrow focus, we steer clear of topics that can bring division. 


Our directors, Pastor Marcus at the Rock Church, and Pastor Pipper at Vinelife, as well as our network of worship leaders, are top-notch. Your people will learn from the best. Not only will we teach, but we will also coach. We will disciple their hearts and train their hands. Third, we will work with you as much as you want to help you achieve your vision. 

So, yes you can entrust your people to us. We want to see the local church win.


No matter where you are on your journey, Colorado School of Worship can help prepare you for your unique destiny.